Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Big Move

Some of you may have heard the news: Blogger is cracking down on adult blogs. 

Specifically Blogger sent an email warning anyone with an adult blog that featured adult links that generated profit.  These sites are no longer welcome on the Blogger platform.

I don't make money off of my blog or podcast.  That's never been the point of either.

I've thought about adding links, but this shot over the bow from Blogger sent me running.

Instead, I moved.

My New Home:

All my future entries will be here.  All of my past entries from both sites are there now.  I've even posted a few blogs and podcasts.  My new site will feature all my hot erotica, my sexy stories, and will also host my podcast, a one stop shop of all sexy things that are me.

I'm not getting rid of this page, but check out the new link on the side.

I hope, if you've enjoyed reading what I've written at That's Messed Up or what I've said at Daddy's Good Girl, you will follow me to .  I still have many more stories to tell...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

All The Stuffs

Have you read my blog? It's pretty awesome.

Did you know I have two podcasts?  Yes, two.

I'm on Twitter.  And Tumblr.  (And FourSquare too, but never you mind that.)

The point of this blog is for me to have a hub, a central place to steer people when they want to know all the fun stuffs I have going on amongst the interwebs.

See that list up on the left.
It's your guide to the wide digital world of PoeticDesires.  It will get longer, as I have more stuffs in the works.  As for now, though, please use it as need arises (or simply when you want a rise).

Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm Busy

So, in an effort to
1- save this blog name &
2- organize my internet empire
I have setup this blog for, well that.

More later.